Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A learning workshop for fosters and foster dogs.

Let me thank you all for fostering pets that hopefully will go to forever homes.I have spoken with many fosters and they have asked me to help them with problem dogs that they personally do not know how to deal with? Many rescue dogs are handed over to kind and caring fosters with problems the fosters do not know how to deal with? If the problems are not dealt with by the foster parents then the dog usually gets returned and this is very upsetting for the dog. I am holding work shops for the fosters and their problem pooches at 3671 Nameoki Rd Granite City IL. Every lesson you learn, you will be able to apply to most every dog you foster. My goal is to educate you in simple but effective training techniques that rid your dogs of most their problems. The work shops are 3 hours long. Every foster gets the chance to work through their pooches problems. In my work shops we will all learn from one another. There will come a time in fostering where every person will come up against one of the problems we are working on in my work shop.By working together we can make a huge difference. There is more to fostering then providing a home and food and love. There is the well being of the animals mind. My workshop will deal with fearful behavior, attitudes,barking,hiding under furniture,growling at people and most all problems you are capable of dealing with. Check my calender for work shop times. They will all be held at the Granite City location. Cost of work shop is $50.00. You will leave with a discount training certificate valued at $25.00 for Group training classes. You may hand this coupon to the new owner as a thank you for adopting the pooch that was in your care. You will also be handing over a dog that has manners and walking skills(no pulling). Check the calender at click on calender...... Workshops are limited to 8 people and 8 dogs. You will need a pen and cells or calls taken in class please... this workshop is for you and the dog and all the learning skills I can share with you. I believe the dogs will stay in homes forever if we give them a few skills to start out with? I believe you will come away with teaching skills you can share with every dog you foster.Only by working together do we make a huge difference in all our lives and the lives of our furry friends....Thank you, Sully 618 789 6872

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