Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What do you want to do with your pet? Therapy,service dog or visit hospitals?

Lately I have had many calls from people who want their dogs to become a therapy dog or a service dog. These same people begin by telling me that their dog is dog aggressive and bites people. They say their dog listens to them but only as long as it is not distracted. They say their dog will sit and lie down but only until it decides to get up and wander away. Is it just me or am I correct in thinking these dogs have no real training?
My point here is, many people want so much from their dogs but do not want to put the time or energy into training. Training can be as simple as socializing  your dog. For any dog to move forward it must be social and it must have some obedience on it. You can't even join agility unless your dog comes when called and doesn't run away when you drop the leash. You can't have a therapy dog if your dog bites people and shows aggression.
Plain and simple!
There are things you can do and you don't need a trainer for this. Once your pup has been fully vaccinated you can begin to show it the world. Walking by shops and people is always good. A walk around the park and a few stops at the benches so you can just sit and your dog can people watch. Do not allow your dog to rush people walking by, the dog should be at your side. Do not allow  your dog to rush into the face of a dog he does not know, he could get his nose tweaked off! The dog remains by you and is just there to watch and observe.
You can walk  your dog up and down steps. The court house usually has a lot of steps, just don't let your dog poop there. A walk to the bus station is good as well.. The different noises will be a help.Just get out with your dog and walk and talk to people. Do not allow your pup to jump on people, that is a no no.
In most cases you can get your dog out and about once it has had two sets of vaccines (8 and 12 week)...usually about 12 weeks old... But try to keep it in safe areas and places you know are clean. Allow it to visit with other family dogs or a neighbors friendly dog. Please be sure the other dogs are friendly as you do not want your pup to have a bad experience meeting a dog that mauls him..This might effect him as he grows up. 
Keep in mind that your pup or dog needs social skills in order to move forward in most all training classes. 
There are many trainers who want nothing to do with your dog if it is not social. A dog that is not social can become a threat to other dogs and this is not good when running group classes.

Most people  tell me their dogs are not social and only want to enroll them in a group class because it is the least expensive, well it won't happen in most cases. Again, an unfriendly dog is not to likable, and  it scares most people and their dogs as well. I do work with unsocial dogs and there are classes I allow them in. In most cases I  have to work with the owner and their dog prior to coming to any classes.
So, what you want to do is work on your dogs social skills. This pretty much insures  you that your dog will grow to be a good companion and a willing dog who will learn most anything you want to teach him. I can not express enough how socializing your dog will keep you and  your dog happy.
I hope this information is of value to you.....
If you are having problems with  your dogs social skills or you purchased a dog that is not to social or possibly fearful, give me a call...... together we can make a difference in your best friend.