Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sully's leash law!!!!

Your goal...
Have your dog listen without a leash on.
How to attain this goal?
Keep a leash on while dog is in your presence.
Confused???? Not to worry.. I will help you...

The reason for the leash being on while you and your dog are together is so you can correct for unwanted behavior without having to put your hands on your dog. Once you touch your dog or physically remove them from something with your hands, your dog will enjoy being touched so much that he will continue to do what he did in the first place that got him touched. Are you with me now?
Keep a leash attached to the collar. If the dog is on the couch, walk to the end of the leash and grab hold of it.
Command (say) "OFF". If your dog doesn't move, then pop the leash in a forward motion directing your dog to the floor and once your dog is on the floor,ONLY then do you put your hand on him in a petting way and say "thank you".
The more you touch your dog and talk to him, blah blah blah, the less they will listen or understand what it is you want from them.
"Say what you mean and mean what you say" and your dog will understand what is expected of them.
There are no reasons to smack at your dog or drag them around. This is rude and unkind. Once you learn to use the leash for corrections your hands become your dogs best friend. Using the leash while training or asking something of your dog will allow you to have control over most situations.
With out the leash, your dog can run from you and this is soooo bad. This habit leads to dogs running from you when they have something they are not supposed too. This trains your dog to run away from you when you call him to you. Without the leash on they are free to do as they please, and this could cost them their life!!!
The leash can be on in the house and in the yard...
Do not leave the leash on if you can not be with your dog. This is a training tool only.
Hope this helps you out with some of the problems you might be having?
If you need more help, get back to class....
Trainer and friend, Sully.