Sunday, August 19, 2007

Puppies that bite hard and get really mad at us!!!!!

This seems to be a problem many people with new pups are having. You try to love on your new pup and he gets all nasty and bites you, hard, tearing your skin.You wonder what has made this little pup so angry and mean? Well honestly, we don't know that answer and we usually don't know the history of the pup from birth. Either way the problem must be dealt with and it must go away or your arms will be shredded. If you are shaking your head and agreeing with me then give me a call or email and set up a time for two puppy classes. During these classes I will address the biting and the personality issues.Your puppy must learn that we the humans, are not their chew toys.
This personalty problem does not make your puppy a bad puppy it just makes it a puppy that must learn the rules of living with humans.
Normally I will give you tips on how to address most problems but in the case of puppies (12 weeks and under) biting too hard and getting angry and flying back at you to bite you again, I personally will deal with this problem.If this lesson is not done correctly the first time then you have only angered your new pup and the fight is on.
2 puppy classes will cost you $70.00. You get 2... hour and a half sessions at my training store. You will go home with homework to follow up on and I personally will teach your pup that biting the human hand is not what they want to do. There is no hitting or yelling or smacking with a newspaper!!! As a behaviorist and trainer I am qualified to think like a dog and get the point across so your new pup understands the rules.
This is one lesson I will not discuss over the phone or give hints on how to stop it. If your pup is seriously biting you and chewing on your arms and drawing blood, then you should think about calling me before you finish reading this message.I deal with this problem all the time so don't go thinking you have purchased a bad puppy. Your pup simply does not know the rules and this is what I am here for.
Thank you, trainer and friend, Sully.